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Easy Digital Downloads Slack
Slack Integration for Easy Digital Downloads.
At Easy Digital Downloads, we uses Slack whole day, each day. Slack is an pretty robust and convenient in accordance with usage actual time gup application then we’re big fans. This integration in Easy Digital Downloads then Slack makes that quite easy because you online store then you team’s communication tool in conformity with employment together.

Customizable notifications
An unbounded quantity regarding notifications out of you EDD shop perform stay configured or despatched in thy Slack team’s channels. Each notification execute have its own described trigger, news content, icon, potent values then more. Default triggers include:

New user registered
Purchase completed
Purchase failed
Discount code applied
Integration including mean popular EDD extensions
This Slack integration does extra than just employment together with a vanilla digital store. It additionally consists of special features because then this vile famous extensions are active:

Software Licensing
Frontend Submissions
Purchase Limit
Fraud Monitor
Recurring Payments
When some about these extensions are active, modern triggers or potential strings pleasure emerge as on hand because notifications. These recent triggers include

License authorization activated
License resolution deactivated
New authorize accomplishment generated
License upgraded
Purchase government reached
New commission
New vendor application
New vendor product
Vendor production edited
New review
New vendor feedback
New suspected imposing purchase
New routine subscription
Subscription cancelled
Plus deep more triggers or integration along more extensions visit quickly within future updates!

Interactive buttons
An integration along Slack yet thy digital shop doesn’t have in imitation of stand some route only. It is also at last possible in imitation of send instructions beside Slack returned in accordance with your EDD site! With interactive buttons, notifications sent in imitation of your Slack trough choice include an option because you to take labor quickly beyond Slack except having after login in conformity with thy site.

These commands then the dense more which are approach within after updates wish enable useful information after stand right away retrieved appropriate inside Slack.

Automated Team Invites
Have you evermore considered attractive you clients or providers immediately including a non-public Slack community? Well nowadays thou can! EDD Slack consists of a characteristic because of automatically inviting clients and vendors in conformity with thine non-public Slack team. This makes that feasible in conformity with effectively sell access in accordance with a personal Slack group!

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